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Uticaj genotipa i godine na osobine performans testiranih nazimica

dc.creatorRadović, Čedomir
dc.creatorPetrović, M.
dc.creatorParunović, Nenad
dc.creatorBrkić, Nenad
dc.creatorŽivković, Branislav
dc.creatorGogić, Marija
dc.creatorStanišić, Nikola
dc.description.abstractObjective of this research was to establish the effect of animal genotype, year of measuring and birth on traits of performance tested gilts: age at the end of the test (AET), life daily gain (LDG), back fat thickness 1 and 2 (BFT1 and BFT2), depth of back muscle (MLD) and assessed share of meat in carcass. Of total number of animals (n=3600) included in the research, 1709 animals were of genotype SL and 1891 of genotype ♀SLx♂LY. In regard to the birth year of tested gilts, the distribution was following: n2006=296, n2007=895, n2008=934, n2009=803, n2010=589 and n2011=83 gilts. In regard to testing year, the distribution of gilts was as follows: n2007=682, n2008=875, n2009=962, n2010=697 and n2011=384 gilts. The effects of test year and birth year were established (P (lt) 0.001) for all studied traits, whereas the effect of genotype was not established (P>0.05).en
dc.description.abstractCilj ovog istraživanja je da se utvrdi uticaj genotipa grla, godine merenja i rođenja grla na osobine performans testiranih nazimica: uzrast na kraju testa (UKT), životni dnevni prirast (ŽDP), debljina slanine 1 i 2 (DSL1 i DSL2), dubina leđnog mišića (MLD) i procenjeni udeo mesa u trupu. Od ukupnog broja (n=3600) istraživanjem je obuhvaćeno 1709 grla genotipa ŠL i 1891 grla genotipa ♀ŠLx♂VJ. Po godini rođenja testiranih nazimica distribucija je bila sledeća: n2006=296, n2007=895, n2008=934, n2009=803, n2010=589 i n2011=83 nazimice. Dok je po godinama testiranja distribucija nazimica bila sledeća: n2007=682, n2008=875, n2009=962, n2010=697 i n2011=384 nazimice. Za sve ispitivane osobine utvrđen je uticaj godine merenja i godine rođenja (P (lt) 0.001) dok uticaj genotipa nije utvrđen (P>0.05).sr
dc.publisherInstitute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Technological Development (TD or TR)/31081/RS//
dc.sourceBiotechnology in Animal Husbandry
dc.subjectultra sonogram measurementsen
dc.subjectPigLog 105en
dc.titleThe effect of genotype and year on traits of performance tested giltsen
dc.titleUticaj genotipa i godine na osobine performans testiranih nazimicasr
dcterms.abstractЖивковић, Бранислав; Радовић, Чедомир; Паруновић, Ненад; Бркић, Ненад; Гогић, Марија; Станишић, Никола; Петровић, М.; Утицај генотипа и године на особине перформанс тестираних назимица; Утицај генотипа и године на особине перформанс тестираних назимица;
dc.citation.other28(3): 463-468

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