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      Relationship of slaughter carcass traits of Balkan goat kids [1]
      Relationships of mycobiota on rachides and kernels of wheat [1]
      Reliability of the PIGLOG assessment of meatiness and correlation of carcass quality properties [1]
      Reproduction parameters and fertility control in herds of dairy cows [1]
      Reproductive and productive traits and genetic polymorphism of K-casein and ß- lactoglobulin in domestic and imported populations of simmental cows. [1]
      Reproductive characteristics of Simmental breed bull dams [1]
      Reproduktivne karakteristike bikovskih majki simentalske rase [1]
      Reproduktivni parametri i kontrola plodnosti u zapatima mlečnih krava [1]
      Reproduktivno respiratorni sindrom svinja (PRRS) [1]
      Residue of ochratoxin a in chicken tissues-risk assessment [1]
      Resistance of certain alfalfa cultivars (Medicago sativa L.) to root rot in field conditions [1]
      Resistance to controlled thermal stress and tolerance to sperm cryopreservation of two groups of boars [1]
      Results of the application of the technology of genetic improvement of Simmental cattle population in Serbia [1]
      Results of the biological test of simmental bulls in central Serbia [1]
      Results of the poll concerning the consumption of beef and consumer attitude towards meat as food stuff [1]
      Results of the poll of consumers regarding the consumption of lamb meat and consumer attitude towards lamb meat as food stuff [1]
      Reviewing the possibility of the substitution of antibiotics with probiotics in diet for weaned piglets [2]
      Rezultati ankete potrošača o potrošnji jagnjećeg mesa i odnosa potrošača prema jagnjećem mesu kao prehrambenom proizvodu [1]
      Rezultati ankete potrošača o potrošnji junećeg mesa i odnosa prema junećem mesu kao prehrambenom proizvodu [1]
      Rezultati biološkog testa bikova simentalske rase u centralnoj Srbiji [1]