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      Arome kao stimulatori porasta u ishrani svinja u tovu [1]
      Assessment of biosecurity and welfare of calves reared in intensive housing system [1]
      Assessment of cow welfare based on system of behavioral needs [1]
      Assessment Of Dairy Cows’ Health Parameters In Relation To Welfare Quality And Rearing Season [1]
      Assessment of yield, quality and nitrogen index of Agrostietum capillaris grassland as affected by fertilizations [1]
      Association between body weight and some morphometric measurement of maternal MIS sheep [1]
      Association between the social rank, body mass, testicular circumference and linear body measures of rams [1]
      Association of ewe’s age, premating weight on litter size and birth weight of lambs [1]
      Association of Growth Hormone Gene Polymorphisms and Calpastatin Gene with Quality of Sheep Meat [1]
      Attittudes of consumers in Serbia towards the importance of a balanced diet and table egggs as foodstuff [1]
      Attitudes of Serbian producers and consumers of table eggs on the ban on conventional batteries and the transition to enriched cages and alternative production systems [1]
      Authenticity Determination in cooked, emulsified Sausages using the Raman Spectroscopy and Chemometrics [1]
      Autochthonous Balkan goat breed: Composition and traits of kid carcass [1]
      Autochthonous Breeds of Republic of Serbia and Valuation in Food Industry: Opportunities and challenges [1]
      Autohtona Balkanska rasa koza - sastav i osobine jarećeg trupa [1]
      Bacterial inoculant effect on quality of alfalfa silage and haylage [1]
      Beef cattle welfare: Risks and assurance [1]
      Bias of calf sex on milk yield and fat yield in black and white cows [1]
      Biochemical characteristics of Streptococcus suis strains isolated from healthy and deceased pigs [1]