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      Table eggs of known origin and guaranteed quality: Brand egg [1]
      Technological improvement of the quality of beef from the aspect of transport of young cattle to slaughtering [1]
      Technology of production of beef of special quality [1]
      Tehnologija proizvodnje mesa junadi posebnog kvaliteta [1]
      Tehnološko poboljšanje kvaliteta junećeg mesa sa aspekta transporta junadi za klanje [1]
      Telesna kondicija i dugovečnost visokomlečnih krava [1]
      Telesna kondicija krava u proizvodnom ciklusu [1]
      Telesna masa i dinamika porasta brojlerskih pilića različitog genotipa u poboljšanim uslovima gajenja [1]
      Telesna masa jaradi pred klanje kao faktor prinosa i kvaliteta mesa. II - uticaj telesne mase jaradi pred klanje na ocenu trupa [1]
      Telesna razvijenost bikovskih majki simentalske rase [1]
      Testing of new cultivars of perennial grasses in year of sowing [1]
      Testiranje novih sorti višegodišnjih trava u godini setve [1]
      The analysis of genetic parameters for milk properties of sheep [1]
      The application of EDTA-Tris and chlorhexidine in the treatment of endometritis as a replacement for antibiotic therapy in cows [1]
      The application of PCR based methods in diagnostics of some viral infections of swine [1]
      The application of plant growth regulator in Italian ryegrass seed crop [1]
      The Attitudes of Table Egg Consumers in Serbia on the Welfare of Laying Hens [1]
      The chemical composition of traditional european sausages [1]
      The concentrations of heavy metals in the liver and muscle tissue of three kinds of fish during five year period [1]
      The content of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in the blood serum of sheep depending on the season and physiological state [1]