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      Sadržaj kalcijuma, fosfora i magnezijuma u krvnom serumu ovaca po godišnjem dobu i fiziološkom stanju [1]
      Salinity stress effect on seed germination and seedling growth of some crop plants [1]
      Sastav polutki i kvalitet mesa lasaste mangulice gajene u dva sistema [1]
      Savremeni trendovi u proizvodnji mleka [1]
      Selection of bull dams in population of Simmental cattle [1]
      Selection of Simmental cattle on beef and meatiness traits in Serbia [1]
      Selekcija bikovskih majki u populaciji simentalske rase goveda [1]
      Sensory acceptability of 'Sremska' sausage made from meat of pigs of different ages [1]
      Sensory properties and fatty acids profiles of fermented dry sausages made of pork meat from various breeds [1]
      Senzorna prihvatljivost sremske kobasice izrađene od mesa svinja različite starosti [1]
      Serbia in the implementation of SEUROP standard for beef carcass classification: Legislation, parameters and evaluation criteria: Part A [1]
      Share of tissue in retail cuts of carcasses of young cattle [1]
      Sheep and goat genetic resources in Central Serbia [1]
      Sheep fertility during induction and estrus synchronisation in the anoestrus season depending of the body weight of tested eves [1]
      Shell quality: Everlasting problem in the today poultry science [1]
      Short Tandem Repeats (STR) in cattle genomics and breeding [1]
      Short-term liquid storage of ram semen in various extenders [1]
      Silage fermentation characteristics of grass-legume mixtures harvested at two different maturity stages [1]
      Simentalska rasa goveda u različitim sistemima proizvodnje [1]
      Simmental cattle breed in different production systems [1]