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      Management practices effect on seed features of Italian ryegrass following storage period [1]
      Mangalitsa (Swallow-Belly Mangalitsa) Pig [1]
      Measures of in-situ protection, reintroduction and reproductive parameters of indigenous pig breeds in Republic of Serbia [1]
      Meat quality of broilers in an extended fattening period [1]
      Meat quality of Swallow-Belly Mangulica pigs reared under intensive production system and slaughtered at 100 kg live weight [1]
      Meat yield of kids of Serbian white breed depending on the body mass prior to slaughtering [1]
      Meatiness of tested gilts in three consecutive years [1]
      Mef2b gene snp markers of meat productivity in Severokavkazskaya sheep breed [1]
      Methods for determination of the conformation of chicken carcass [1]
      Methods for determining stress syndrome in beef cattle and its relevance to quality of meat [1]
      Metode određivanja konformacije trupa pilića [1]
      Metode utvrđivanja stres sindroma junadi i njegov značaj za kvalitet mesa [1]
      Microelements and Heavy Metals Content in Frequently Utilized Medicinal Plants Collected from the Power Plant Area [1]
      Mikobiota i mikotoksini u sveže požnjevenom i uskladištenom zrnu kukuruza [1]
      Milk production of Svrljiška stock of domestic tuft sheep [1]
      Milk with functional food properties [1]
      Mineral composition and toxic element levels of muscle, liver and kidney of intensive (Swedish Landrace) and extensive (Mangulica) pigs from Serbia [2]
      Mineral nutrition of modern poultry genotypes [1]
      Mineralna ishrana savremenih hibrida živine [1]
      Modelling Nutritional Requirements of Growing Pigs from Local Breeds Using InraPorc [1]