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      Laparoscopic insemination of sheep in Republic of Serbia [1]
      Laparoskopsko osemenjavanje ovaca u Republici Srbiji [1]
      Laying hen rearing systems: a review of chemical composition and hygienic conditions of eggs [1]
      Laying hen rearing systems: a review of major production results and egg quality traits [1]
      Laying hens management and nutrition for maximal egg production at 100 weeks of age [1]
      Libido and ejaculate traits of performance tested boars [1]
      Lifetime production of high-yielding dairy cows [1]
      Linear evaluation of Simmental bull-dams [1]
      Linearna povezanost osobina porasta jagnjadi šarplaninske rase u ekstenzivnim uslovima gajenja [1]
      Linearno ocenjivanje bikovskih majki simentalske rase [1]
      Livestock production in Serbia on way to European Union [1]
      Livestock production: Present situation and future development directions in Republic of Serbia [1]
      Ljuska - aktuelni problem u živinarstvu [1]
      Local pig breeds: Nutritional requirements, innovative practices and local feeding resources as challenges in project TREASURE [1]
      Longevity of high-yielding cows [1]
      Management practices effect on seed features of Italian ryegrass following storage period [1]
      Mangalitsa (Swallow-Belly Mangalitsa) Pig [1]
      Measures of in-situ protection, reintroduction and reproductive parameters of indigenous pig breeds in Republic of Serbia [1]
      Meat quality of broilers in an extended fattening period [1]
      Meat quality of Swallow-Belly Mangulica pigs reared under intensive production system and slaughtered at 100 kg live weight [1]