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      Identification and quantification of fungi in grass-leguminous silage [1]
      Identifikacija i kvantifikacija gljiva u travno-leguminoznoj silaži [1]
      Impact of rapid Thawing on the Quality Characteristics of Pork Fillet Steaks [1]
      Import of boars: Semen quality control and possibility of complaints [1]
      Importance of beef production in Serbia [1]
      Importance of farm management in reducing broilers skin lesions [1]
      Importance of toxigenic Fusarium species in animal food [1]
      Importance of utilization of omega-3 fatty acids in human and animal nutrition [1]
      Improvement of production performance of domestic spotted cattle using Montbeliard bulls [1]
      Improving eggshell quality by replacement of pulverised limestone by granular limestone in the hen diet [1]
      In vitro toxicity of fungicides with different modes of action to alfalfa anthracnose fungus, Colletotrichum destructivum [1]
      Incidence of deformations of the extremities of simmental cows in different types of stalls [1]
      Incidence of footpad dermatitis and hock burns in broilers as affected by genotype, lighting program and litter type [1]
      Incidence of fusarium species on red clover seed [1]
      Indirect determination of carcass meat yield [1]
      Indirektno utvrđivanje mesnatosti trupa [1]
      Infection with Strongyloides papillosus in sheep: Effect of parasitic infection and treatment with albendazole on basic haematological parameters [1]
      Infekcija ovaca sa Strongyloides papillosus - uticaj intenziteta parazitske infekcije i terapije albendazolom na vrednosti osnovnih hematoloških parametara [1]
      Influence of Anticoccidials on Oxidative Stress, Production Performance and Faecal Oocyst Counts in Broiler Chickens Infected with Eimeria Species [1]
      Influence of application of enzymes in poultry nutrition on production results and quality of product [1]