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      Dairy cows welfare quality in loose vs tie housing system [1]
      Dermatitis tabanskih jastučića kod komercijalnih brojlera [1]
      Determination metabolic and nutritional status in dairy cows during early and mid lactation [1]
      Determination of organic components of milk as method for evaluating energy status of dairy cows [1]
      Determination of the activity of specific enzymes of blood in the peripartum period and during the full lactations [1]
      Development and effect of a Lactobacillus plantarum inoculant on quality of maize grain silage [1]
      Dietary conjugated linoleic acid influences the content of stearinic acid in porcine adipose tissue [1]
      Difference in fatty acid composition and related nutritional indices of meat between two lines of slow-growing chickens slaughtered at different ages [1]
      Differences in fatty acid composition of meat between naked neck and two commercial broiler chicken breeds [1]
      Differences in meat colour between free-range Swallow Belly Mangalitsa and commercially reared Swedish Landrace pigs during 6 days of vacuum storage [1]
      Different sources and levels of vegetable oils in broiler chicken nutrition [1]
      Different symptoms in maize root caused by pyrenochaeta terrestris and the fungal colony properties [1]
      Diminishing herbicide stress in maize inbred lines by application of foliar fertiliser [1]
      Dinamika pojave i učestalosti populacija Fusarium vrsta na uskladištenom zrnu kukuruza [1]
      Distribucija plesni i mikotoksina u silaži od zrna kukuruza u silo-trenču [1]
      Distribution frequency and incidence of seed-borne pathogens of some cereals and industrial crops in Serbia [1]
      Distribution of moulds and mycotoxins in maize grain silage in the trench silo [1]
      Diversity across Major and Candidate Genes in European Local Pig Breeds [1]
      Diversity across major and candidate genes in European local pig breeds [1]