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      Qualitative properties of traditionally produced dry fermented sausages from meat of the autochthonous Mangalitsa pig breed [1]
      Quality and fertility of extended boar semen after prolonged transport [1]
      Quality assessment of frankfurters produced from fresh vs. frozen/thawed ground beef [1]
      Quality indicators: Carcass side and meat quality of pigs of different genotypes [1]
      Quality of aborigenous karachay goat meat under different conditions [1]
      Quality of beef from young bulls in extended fattening [1]
      Quality of carcass sides, yield and distribution of certain tissues in carcasses from pigs fattened in conventional way and on deep litter [1]
      Quality of eggs from Banat naked neck and ISA brown layers during storage [1]
      Quality of eggs from pasture rearing layers of different genotypes [1]
      Quality of meat from native pigs [1]
      Quality of milk from Serbian white goat in first lactation [1]
      Quality of pig carcass and meat of different genotypes [1]
      Quality of pig carcasses on slaughter line according to previous and current EU regulation [1]
      Quality traits of carcass sides and meat of Moravka and Mangalitsa pig breeds [1]
      Quantitative analysis of genetic improvement of milk production phenotypes in Simmental cows [1]
      Quantitative genetic analysis of variability and relationship of lambs body weight traits in population of indigenous Pirot sheep [1]
      Randman mesa jagnjadi meleza pirotske pramenke i merino landšaf rase kao pokazatelj proizvodnje mesa [1]
      Rano odlučivanje blizanaca kao moguć činilac u povećanju proizvodnje jagnjećeg mesa [1]
      Različiti izvori i nivoi ulja u ishrani brojlera [1]