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      Effect of water stress on soybean production [1]
      Effect of zeolite on the chemical composition of milk from Serbian spotted dairy cattle [1]
      Effects of adding different forms of selenium in diets for fattening lambs [1]
      Effects of age and time of day of sampling on proximate and fatty acid composition of whole eggs from two strains of laying hens [1]
      Effects of bacterial seed inoculation on microbiological soil status and maize grain yield [1]
      Effects of crossing domestic simmental with charolais and limousin breeds on carcass and meat quality [1]
      Effects of crossing of domestic breed with beef breeds on the quality of meat in PR China and Republic of Serbia [1]
      Effects of cutting stage and bacterial inoculant on quality of the red clover silage [1]
      Effects of different protein sources of diet on yield and quality of lamb meat [1]
      Effects of fertilisers on winter wheat infection caused by Fusarium species [1]
      Effects of hens feeding on eggshell properties and their interrelationship [1]
      Effects of intensity of light and stocking density on broiler body weight and yield of valuable carcass parts [1]
      Effects of Lactobacillus plantarum inoculants on maize silage quality [1]
      Effects of light intensity in different stocking densities on tibial measurements and incidence of lesions in broilers [1]
      Effects of nitrogen fertilization and using of inoculant on nutritive value and fermentation characteristics of whole crop maize silage [1]
      Effects of prostaglandin and HCG on out of season oestrous synchronization and fertility and assessment of progesterone concentration for early pregnancy diagnosis in ewes [1]
      Effects of rearing system and body weight of Redbro broilers on the frequency and severity of footpad dermatitis [1]
      Effects of using plant protein feed as a fish meal replacer in the nutrition of weaned piglets [1]
      Efficiency of zeolite basis preparation in fattening lambs diet [1]
      Efikasnost korišćenja padavina i prinos zrna soje u uslovima prirodnog vodnog režima u Vojvodini [1]