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      Gain of body mass in kids after weaning depending on body mass and age [1]
      Garlic as alternative for antibiotics in diet for growing pigs [1]
      Gastrointestinal helminths of sheep breed in pomoravski and rasina district (Serbia) [1]
      Gastrointestinal helminths of sheep breed in spread Belgrade area in period 2018-2019 [1]
      General principles and good animal welfare practices on dairy cattle farms [1]
      Genetic and phenotypic aspects of the body measured traits in Merinolandschaf breed of sheep [1]
      Genetic and phenotypic trends for udder traits and angularity of Holstein Friesian cows [1]
      Genetic diversity and population structure of six autochthonous pig breeds from Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia [1]
      Genetic improvement of fertility in sheep by selection according to physiological parameters [1]
      Genetic principles relating to improvement of milk yield in sheep and goats [1]
      Genetic resources in pig breeding: Carcass quality traits of breeds Moravka and Mangalitsa [1]
      Genetic resources in pig breeding: Moravka [1]
      Genetic variability and correlations between fertility traits monitored in progeny tests of Holstein Friesian bulls [1]
      Genetic variability of free energy in a function of drought tolerance in common bean accessions [1]
      Genetic variability of red clover seedlings in relation to salt stress [1]
      Genetical influence on histological structure and chemical composition of muscular tissue in sheep [1]
      Genetička varijabilnost klijanaca crvene deteline u odnosu na soni stres [1]
      Genetički i fenotipski aspekti osobina telesnih mera Merinolandschaf rase ovaca [1]
      Genetički resursi u ovčarstvu i kozarstvu Centralne Srbije [1]