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      Bacterial inoculant effect on quality of alfalfa silage and haylage [1]
      Beef cattle welfare: Risks and assurance [1]
      Bias of calf sex on milk yield and fat yield in black and white cows [1]
      Biochemical characteristics of Streptococcus suis strains isolated from healthy and deceased pigs [1]
      Biofortification as a way of nutrient dense feed production [1]
      Biohemijske karakteristike sojeva Streptococcus suis izolovanih iz zdravih i obolelih svinja [1]
      Biological food production possibilities of sheep and goat-farming in mountainous region [1]
      Biomass utilization systems for Serbian livestock farmers – potentials and reality [1]
      Body condition and longevity of high yielding dairy cows [1]
      Body condition of cows in production cycle [1]
      Body development of Simmental bull dams [1]
      Body mass and dynamics of growth of broiler chickens of different genotype in improved rearing conditions [1]
      Body mass of kids prior to slaughtering as meat yield and quality factor. II: The effect of body mass of kids prior to slaughtering on carcass evaluation [1]
      Body score condition of sows and the thin sow syndrome as health problems on commercial farms [1]
      Bolesti korena lucerke i mere suzbijanja patogena [1]
      Breeding strategy in small and closed livestock populations [1]
      Carcass and pork quality traits of indigenous pure breeds (Mangalitsa, Moravka) and their crossbreads [1]
      Carcass properties, chemical content and fatty acid composition of the musculus longissimus of different pig genotypes [1]
      Carcass Quality and Fatty Acids Profile of the Fatteners of Swallow-Belly Mangalitsa Breed Reared in Outdoor System [1]