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      A Survey of Spontaneous Occurrence of Ochratoxin A Residues in Chicken Tissues and Concurrence With Histopathological Changes in Liver and Kidneys [1]
      Accumulation of heavy metals and trace elements in Medicago sativa L. grown along the E75 route section Belgrade-Leskovac [1]
      Adekvatna ishrana kalcijumom i kvalitet ljuske i kostiju kod nosilja - inovirani pristup problemu [1]
      Adequate calcium nutrition and quality of egg shell and bones in layers: Innovative approach [1]
      Adherence to legislative labeling of cooked sausages on the serbian market [1]
      Admixture and breed traceability in European indigenous pig breeds and wild boar using genome‑wide SNP data [1]
      Aflatoxin and fumonisin contamination of maize grains harvested during 2018–2022 in Serbia [1]
      Aflatoxin M1 contaminations in different types of cheese in Serbia [1]
      Age at first conception of high yielding cows [1]
      Agro biodiversity and livestock farming: autochthonous species and breeds in Serbia [1]
      Agro-processing industry: Advanced technologies for meat industry wastewater treatment: A review [1]
      Agronomic responses of soybean genotypes to starter nitrogen fertilizer rate [1]
      Aktivnost fosfomonoesteraze u zavisnosti od mikrobioloških svojstava zemljišta [1]
      Akumulacija teških metala i mikroelemenata u lucerki (Medicago sativa L.) gajenoj uz deonicu autoputa E75 Beograd-Leskovac [1]
      Alfalfa root diseases and control of pathogens [1]
      Alternative sources of protein in lamb diet [1]
      Amylopectin starchfor binding of meat products - WO 2022/250540 A1 [1]
      An assessment of dairy farm structure and characteristics of dairy production systems in Serbia [1]
      An outbreak of Aspergillus species in response to environmental conditions in Serbia [1]