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Uticaj proizvodnih osobina u direktnom testu nazimica na varijabilnost njihovih reproduktivnih osobina kao prvopraskinja

dc.creatorMijatović, Milan
dc.creatorPetrović, M.
dc.creatorRadojković, Dragan D.
dc.creatorPušić, Milovan
dc.creatorRadović, Čedomir
dc.description.abstractObjective of this paper was to establish genetic and environmental factors which influence the variation of reproductive parameters in primiparous sows with special focus on how selection on growth traits and lean meat content can influence the fertility in gilts as primiparous sows. Investigation included 1092 primiparous sows of Swedish Landrace breed. Production traits of gilts in direct test were previously adjusted to body weight of 100 kg, and subsequently they were grouped in 4 classes based on standard deviations for each of adjusted production trait. For analysis of data several models of the Least Squares Method were used (Harvey, 1990). Sires influenced the variation of age at first conception, litter size at birth and weaning and period weaning-conception of their daughters (P (lt) 0.001 to P (lt) 0.05). Age at first conception, number of live born piglets and total born piglets varied statistically significantly (P (lt) 0.001 to P (lt) 0.05) by the influence of adjusted lifetime average daily gain, but not under the influence of adjusted back fat thickness and lean meat content.en
dc.description.abstractOčevi su uticali na variranje uzrasta pri prvoj oplodnji, veličinu legla pri rođenju i zalučenju i perioda zalučenje-oplodnja svojih kćeri (P (lt) 0.001 do P (lt) 0.05). Uzrast pri prvoj oplodnji, broj živorođene i ukupno rođene prasadi su statistički značajno varirali (P (lt) 0.001 do P (lt) 0.05) pod uticajem korigovanog prosečnog životnog dnevnog prirasta ali ne i korigovane debljine leđne slanine i
dc.publisherInstitute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade
dc.sourceBiotechnology in Animal Husbandry
dc.subjectprimiparous sowsen
dc.subjectlifetime daily gainen
dc.subjectlean meat contenten
dc.subjectreproductive traitsen
dc.titleInfluence of performance test traits of gilts on variability of their reproductive performance as primiparous sowsen
dc.titleUticaj proizvodnih osobina u direktnom testu nazimica na varijabilnost njihovih reproduktivnih osobina kao prvopraskinjasr
dc.citation.other25(5-6-2): 825-831

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