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      Carcass quality of chickens of different conformation [1]
      Cattle breeding goals and programmes in Serbia [1]
      Cattle Herd book and Record Keeping in Central Serbia [1]
      Cattle production: Current situation and future directions of development in Republic of Serbia [1]
      Cattle production: PR China and Republic of Serbia [1]
      Causes for culling first calving cows on farms with different levels of production [1]
      Causes of cow culling in the tie stall system [1]
      Changes in body condition of high-yielding dairy cows [1]
      Changes in botanical composition of alfalfa mixtures depending on the species and N fertilization [1]
      Changes in chemical and physicochemical characteristics during the production of traditional Sremska sausage [1]
      Changes of egg quality properties with the age of layer hens in traditional and conventional production [1]
      Changes of physical-chemical properties of beef during 14 days of chilling [1]
      Characterization of the genetic structure of the brown trout (Salmo trutta) from “Braduljica” Fish Farm, Serbia [1]
      Chemical composition and cholesterol content in M. longissimus dorsi from free-range reared Swallow-belly Mangalitsa: the effect of gender [1]
      Chemical composition and yield of maize green biomass as affected by bacterial and mineral fertilization [1]
      Chemical composition of meat of laying hens in alternative rearing systems [1]
      Chemical, technological and sensory properties of meat from different cattle genotypes [1]
      Chemical-microbiological quality parameters of raw cow milk [1]
      Cholesterol and total fatty acid content in m. Longissimus dorsi of mangalitsa and Swedish landrace [1]
      Color- and Texture Changes during Storage at Sremska, a traditional Serbian Raw Sausage [1]