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      Fertility of boars: What is important to know [1]
      Fertility of sows of different genotypes on individual farms in regions suitable for intensive pig production [1]
      Fertility traits of autochthonous breeds of Mangalitsa, Moravka and Resavka [1]
      Fiksni deo modela za procenu priplodne vrednosti svinja na osnovu veličine legla [1]
      First Report of Anthracnose on Alfalfa Caused by Colletotrichum linicola in Serbia [1]
      Fitocenološka istraživanja livadskih asocijacija u šumskim lovištima Srbije [1]
      Fixed part of the model for breeding value estimation in pigs based on litter size [1]
      Floristic composition of permanent grassland in the nature park Stara Planina (Serbia) [1]
      Foot-pad dermatitis in commercial broilers [1]
      Forage maize yield in function of rainfall in climatic conditions of Vojvodina (Republic of Serbia) [1]
      Forage quality and energy content of perennial legume-grass mixtures at three level of N fertilization [1]
      Forage yield and protein content of different field pea cultivars and oat mixtures grown as winter crops [1]
      Free systems of rearing of chickens and layer hens: Quality of meat and eggs [1]
      Frequency and Incidence of Pyrenochaeta terrestris in Root Internodes of Different Maize Hybrids [1]
      Frequency of pathogenic fungi on alfalfa seed of different age [1]
      Frequency of toxigenic Fusarium species and fusariotoxins in wheat grain in Serbia [1]
      Frequency of κ-casein and β-lactoglobulin genotypes in daughters of five simmental bull sires [1]
      Fumonisin B-1 and its co-occurrence with other fusariotoxins in naturally-contaminated wheat grain [1]
      Fumonisin B1 in maize, wheat and barley grain in Serbia [1]
      Fumonizin B1 u zrnu kukuruza, pšenice i ječma u Srbiji [1]