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      Efekti različitih premiksa u ishrani krmača i prasadi [1]
      Efekti različitih premiksa u ishrani svinja u tovu [1]
      Efekti različitih tehnologija držanja na dobrobit prasadi u odgoju [1]
      Efekti sistema gajenja i telesne mase Redbro brojlera na učestalost i težinu footpad dermatitisa [1]
      Efekti uvođenja betafina na klanične rezultate svinja u tovu [1]
      Efekti zamene ribljeg brašna biljnim visokoproteinskim hranivom u ishrani krmača i prasadi [1]
      Effect of acid stress on germination and early seedling growth of red clover [1]
      Effect of bacterial seed inoculation on nitrogen dynamics, number of bacteria in soil under maize, and maize yield [1]
      Effect of body weight of goats and lactation order on the growth rate of kids in the suckling period [1]
      Effect of breed of performance tested boars on ejaculate traits [1]
      Effect of Castration Method on Growth Rate of Indigenous Pig Breed Mangalitsa Swallow Bellie [1]
      Effect of dietary protease supplementation and sex on dressing percentage and body conformation in broilers [1]
      Effect of dietary protein level and length of fattening period on dressing percentage and carcass conformation in broiler chickens [1]
      Effect of dietary protein levels, sex and age on tibiae charateristics in two strains of broiler chickens [1]
      Effect of different fixed factors on pig carcass quality traits [1]
      Effect of different genotypes, sires and season of slaughtering on slaughter traits of pigs [1]
      Effect of different nitrogen fertilization levels on maize forage yield and quality [1]
      Effect of Dilute Alkaline Steeping on Mold Contamination, Toxicity, and Nutritive Value of Maize Malt [1]
      Effect of environmental and paragenetic factors on birth mass variability of Mis sheep populations [1]
      Effect of extruded flaxseed enriched diet on physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of broiler meat [1]